Raising Environmental Awareness through Art

Madrona Arts Press

Over the River interviews are complete, and the book in which the stories appear will be released as a book, Watershed Redemption. It won the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature for 2017.

Judge Jonathan Balcombe writes:
“Watershed Redemption, Diana Hartel’s sweeping, richly researched account conjures up a Bierstadt landscape. With elegant, crystal-clear prose, she weaves a dire yet hopeful tapestry of ecological ignorance, genocide, and tenacious activism. There is something for everyone—environmentalist, policy-maker, ethnologist, historian, biologist, epidemiologist, artist—in this powerful piece of advocacy.”  This site will be updated with news of readings, meetings, and on-going posts of people interviewed in Over the River.


See Over the River Program on this website, and photos of rivers and their defenders.